Welcome to the Engage Camp and Clinic Information Page.

This page is to provide you with some information to help learn about the camps and to plan your Pickleball Experience.

We send 'Welcome Letters' to event participants at the beginning of each month and mid-month.  These welcome letters will provide additional information.


NOTE:  These camps include a FREE Trident paddle.

These events will be held at select locations around the world.  The 'Pickleball Camps’ page will list the Pros / Instructors that will be teaching at the event. Should an unforeseen circumstance arise, please know that the pros listed for a camp may be subject to change. 

Snacks and water will be available during the day.

The main focus of the Pickleball camp will be on strategy...with a key focus on the following:

  • The Net Game. Dinking Strategies and moving the ball around.
  • Coming to the Net. 3rd Shots. Transition Zone. When to drop and when to drive.
  • How to defend against the hard hitters (slowing the ball down)
  • How to attack when at the net (volleys and put-aways)
  • How to hit the ball when at the baseline
  • How to use the serve & return as a weapon.
  • When and how to lob. How to defend against the lobbers.
  • Court positioning and how to use your positioning to your advantage.

You will be assigned a court at registration with others of similar skill level. At the end of each Pro Session the Pro will rotate to the next set of courts. You along with the others on your court will remain on your assigned court for each of the Pro Sessions (and Practice Play) during the 3-days..

Below is the daily schedule for MOST of our 3-day camps

We recommend confirming the actual schedule with our Camp Director

Days 1 and 2:
  • On court at 8:00am, off court at 4:00pm
  • 1 hour for lunch
Day 3:
  • On court at 8:00am, off court at 12:00pm.


Cancellation policy/Terms & Conditions: Click Here

Before registering, confirm your skill level: Click Here

In respect for all camp attendees and to ensure that attendees get the best possible instruction, please do not register for a camp beyond your skill level.  In doing so, you are risking the possibility of being removed from the camp with no refund.